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Club Rules and Documents

Club Membership Rules

  • Memberships are per person and not transferrable to anyone else.
  • You may use the sessions any time in the month but you must book in before attending. You can manage your own bookings online at: https://tumblingtrampoliners.as.me/schedule.php and through the cancel / rearrange link on the confirmation email.
  • Yearly insurance is a compulsory annual payment for every bouncer and is due by the first paid session. Insurance costs £2 per person per month and is due every October. If joining in months other than October, payment is pro-rata for the remaining months.
  • Direct debits must run for consecutive months without any breaks in the payments.
  • If you use more than the allowed sessions per month, you will need to increase your direct debit payment or pay for subsequent sessions at the single session rate.
  • Sessions must be cancelled / rearranged 24 hours before the class, otherwise you will lose the session (as we can't use the space for someone else at such short notice).
  • Sessions booked, but not cancelled, rearranged or attended, will still be deducted from the membership.
  • You must use the allocated sessions per month in the same month. So if you are unable to attend, you should cancel or catch up the sessions before or after you are absent within the same calendar month.
  • The club will be closed for 6 weeks in the year. This has been taken into consideration for the yearly payments - we have worked out the correct costings for 46 weeks. No refunds will be given for scheduled closed weeks - for yearly memberships.
  • For the closed 6 weeks, monthly direct debit payers may choose:
  1. To have the value of the sessions refunded or,
  2. To catch up the sessions when we are open or,
  3. To spend the credit on kit, awards, etc.
  • If we have to close unexpectedly, you may choose:
  1. To have the missed sessions cost refunded or,
  2. To catch up on these sessions when we reopen or,
  3. To spend the credit on kit, awards, etc.
  • Unlimited memberships are per person and cannot be shared.
  • Unlimited bouncers can order their 3 free kit items after payment for 6 consecutive months direct debit, or immediately on payment of the yearly cost.
  • Members can cancel their membership by providing verbal or written notice to Tumbling Trampoliners. Cancellation requests will be effective at the end of the month in which they are received.
  • We reserve the right to terminate membership without a refund if anyone fails to abide by the rules and regulations of the club (see below) or engages in behaviour that is detrimental to the safety and well-being of other members.

Club Documents