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These reviews come from Facebook and Google
Gemma Ecclestone
Fab place and fantastic coaches, my children love it

Andy Field
Awesome, top fun, very patient coaches, love it!!! We have 5 & 11 year old, they had so much fun that I'm signing up myself as a 46 year olď)

Claire Morrell
Me and Charlotte really enjoy going to Tumbling Trampoliners. It's an amazing trampoline club and we would totally recommend it to anyone who is thinking about joining trampolining

Laurie Bullock
Excellent place, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I have been taking my son for just over a year and he loves it. Would fully recommend. We did the trial to make sure my 3 year old son would listen and concentrate. Rachel was amazing in coaching him, he listened and has progressed brilliantly, achieved many levels and enjoys the social aspect of the weekly classes. As Head Coach, Rachel is superb, not only does she ensure she coaches each trampoliner individually, she supports the young coaches and looks out for the safety of everyone. She works great with all the different ages and abilities. The young coaches will often stay for numerous sessions and Rachel always checks which session they want to coach and which they want to train. This ensures they get their balance of coaching and training! Trampoliners or parents tell the young coaches what they are working on or Rachel often tells the young coach what to work on with specific individuals to make sure they are progressing as they should. The sessions are 1 hour and 10 mins, the time is spent training alone, being coached or with a young leader or on short breaks. The young coaches are fab and they will work on anything that you require them to work on, they are supportive and generally the practice with them means that once you get to Rachel, you are passing the moves off therefore progressing and beginning work on other moves. Keep up the good work

Nazreen Akhtar
Wonderful place for children for trampolining. Safe environment and a wonderful tutor who is very patient and professional. She encourages the children to enjoy themselves and help them to be the best they can be. a very welcoming and warm atmosphere where parents also feel safe in a non-judgemental environment. Definitely recommend to parents who want their children to get physical activity but in a safe environment.

Vicki Storr
Tumbling trampolining is such a lovely club to be apart of! I started trampolining at the age of 6 and had to stop when I turned 16. Getting back in to the sport 6 months ago was a scary thought, but with Rachel as a coach this was so easy to regain my skills. She is an excellent coach to all levels and ages and such a friendly face too. I would truly recommend to join this club to anyone and I will miss the club when I have to leave!

Emma Hughes
Rachel teaches my daughter and she is lovely

Debra Jones
Absolutely phenomenal teachers who are fantastic with my little girl, bringing the best out in her and helping her to experience jumping to her utmost delight.

Hannah Gornall
My daughter really enjoys going and after 4 weeks is hooked. She has just passed her level 2 and not far off her level 3! Rachel and the team are really friendly and fantastic coaches!! Highly recommended!!!

Lisa Moss
Rachel is a very GOOD trampoline coach with loads of confidence. I witnessed her professional attitude and positivity & especially liked the hands on coaching on the trampoline unlike from the sidelines / floor. So much so I am very eager to have Rachel coach my children. I highly recommend Rachel & the fact she is able to physically demonstrate moves, style and neatness is brilliant which gives the trampoliners a measurement to aim for

Claire Louise Allen
Second week and I can't tell you how much my girls enjoyed it!

Shamim Khan
This place is amazing, where my daughter absolutely loves going and the coach that taught her has alot of patience and is very professional - they also ensure that my daughter is safe and happy. I felt safe in this place and found it easy to get along with others. I would recommend this club to anyone!

Nicky Greenford
A fabulous, friendly club with amazing supportive coaches who encourage participants to build on their individual skills, rather than it becoming a competition against each other. My son loves it despite him being exhausted after each session. Also great opportunity for parents to be involved in their children's activities. Great value for money too

Dave Allen
Friendly mid week session. Experienced trainers

Tilly Wilde
My ten year old son loves it! His experience of lessons at a different trampoline club put him off any further trampolining, however at Tumbling Trampoliners he instantly felt comfortable and happy with the excellent way the classes run. He is progressing really well with Rachel`s warm, enthusiastic coaching and she shows equal dedication to everyone. The overall atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed and we highly recommend to give it a go no matter your ability or age!

Craig Sunderland
Great place to jump about and great instructors

Clare Simmonds
Brilliant trampolining club. My kids love Tumbling Trampoliners. Rachel is a great coach. The kids get lots of time to practice too, they aren't hanging around for ages waiting for a go. They can't wait to go back. Definitely 5*

Jodie Walker
Loving our classes with Tumbling Trampoliners. Great friendly and competent coaches and a lovely atmosphere. Very welcoming to all ages and abilities, highly recommended!

Phoebe Melville
I really enjoy doing trampolining!! It's so fun and you make new friends and they are all so nice. You learn new skills, I think anyone who hasn't been should go because you will really enjoy it

Metia Bethell
We were made very welcome. The coaches are friendly and encouraging and the children loved it

Henry Rollison
Amazing enviroment overall. The head coach isn't like any other coach, it's a personal experience, not just a quick 'do this, ok, next kid' type of thing. There are experienced young leaders to help out too. Cannot fault it one bit. I'm there every time I can be, and ended up being a young leader. Amazing place, amazing people.

Christopher Woollam
I went for my free sessions and was hooked, as were my 2 kids and the better half. Great coaching as Rachel pushes you to improve. You then get time after the coaching to perfect your skills or just bounce and have a good time. There are a quite a few different trampolines, very bouncy ones, soft ones and less springy ones. All are great but you do quickly find your favourite. It’s a really fun way of getting in some exercise.

Simon Botham
Great environment for kids from 3 - 83 to burn off a whole load of energy and learn skills from a wonderful team of instructors.

Arlene Hulme
Fantastic place, very welcoming everyone is friendly and Rachel is so dedicated to looking after the kids. My daughter struggles with crowds and her confidence but Rachel always manages to achieve something great with her, she has endless patience with all of her members. We've been to other clubs but this one wins hands down! Can't recommend it enough!

Amanda Howell
A friendly trampoline place. My son is progressing well here and is really enjoying it. Classes are delivered with an emphasis on safety and to perform the skills to avoid injury.

Steph Rowley
Fun activity for my daughter aged 11. Professional at all times. Safety is paramount. Noisy & busy at times, but that speaks volumes. There's children of all ages exercising, laughing and having fun. Such a great place to be! A really relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere and a lovely group of people to be around - love it so much! x

Carol Wells
My granddaughters go to this club and love it

Hansa Khan
Coach is lovely! No one judges each other. Such a nice environment. Would definitely recommend!

Blaine Davidson
My daughter has been going here for 12 months. Amazing place and a great price (particularly if you block book). Rachel and the ‘young leaders’ are fantastic with the kids and I’ve seen a massive improvement in my daughters trampolining. We also had her last birthday here as well and that was also fantastic. Can’t recommend enough!

Damian Mous
Great place, good location, fantastic teachers

Andy Field
Awesome, top fun, very patient, love it!!! We have 5 & 11 year olds, they have so much fun I signed up myself (at 46 years olď)

Samantha Smith
My daughter has been attending Tumbling Trampoliners for 2.5 years and she absolutely loves it. The coaching staff and young leaders are amazing and have helped build her confidence and encouraged her not to give up when things get tough. To see the joy on her face when she finally succeeds is priceless! Thank you for all your hardwork!

Julie Benzing
Fantastic place with amazing coaches

Charlotte Melville
My 2 daughters love going to trampolining, it's a fantastic club. Everyone is so kind - all the children mix well and there is a great atmosphere during the sessions. Everyone works hard and gets fantastic results. They have a lot of fun there, so we love going to class and look forward to Saturdays. Having the flexibility of classes over Saturday and Sunday is good too. My girls have learnt so much with the help of the fantastic coaches. Rachel is an enthusiastic and positive coach. Thank you Rachel for improving my girls' confidence and skills. They love you! Would highly recommend

Neil Martin
The kids have been attending for around a year now and really enjoy it, it has built their confidence up and its also a great form of exercise, the staff are great too. Highly recommend it.

Tara Burgess
My daughter really enjoys coming here, great atmosphere, shes met great friends and brilliant / patient coaches that take their time with her, I love taking her here every week

Laura Kennedy
Super friendly atmosphere with a fantastic coach and brilliant young leaders. My kids absolutely love it

A. Fern
Great place. Instructors are very friendly and helpful me and my kids love it will be going every week

Sally Edge
This is a fantastic club, excellent coaching, lovely friendly atmosphere just great. My son is totally addicted to this club and looks forward to every session

Amanda Lodey
Amazing place for your children to learn new skills. The sessions allow kids to express themselves and learn under the supervision of Rachel who is a fab coach. No pressure, learn at your own pace!

Helen Stonier
My son Joe has been for four weeks and last night passed all the first 5 levels. Rachel is ace and he's settled in really well! It's a fun, relaxed atmosphere, safety is of paramount importance and it's healthy exercise for the kids!

Maggie Mack
Friendly fun club for kids and adults where you can learn skills and get fit. Great fun whether you are a natural gymnast or somewhat lacking in talent like me!

Julia Stollard
We're addicted! We LOVE it! It helps so much with my general wellbeing, and it's so wonderful to get such insightful coaching, where one little new idea can completely free you up to bounce in even more directions!

Jo Buckles
Our daughter had a fantastic time for her first session, Rachel is a true professional.

Sam Armstrong
Tumbling Trampoliners in Stoke! Top notch trampolining in a very fun, safe and friendly group! #10/10

Laura Jepson
My 2 kids (aged 4 & 13) love it here. Spencer wants to come everyday and it takes a lot to get him out the house usually. Rachel is a great coach, she does an amazing job with them. This was our 1st weekend and they can't wait to come again

Maxine Colduck
My daughter has been coming to the club for about 3 years. It's a very relaxed and friendly environment to enjoy and learn new skills. Great coaching from Rachel and fantastic opportunities for children who want to coach.

Kerry Minshall
My children absolutely love it here. Rachel is very patient and my kids love her, I would highly recommend to anyone

Dan Bullock
Absolutely brilliant would recommend to anyone everyone is very friendly and Rachel is fantastic with all ages and abilities

Mark Warren
Very professional and lots of fun

Jane Leigh
My daughter has been attending for nearly 3 years, her confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. Tumbling Trampoliners has such a lovely caring atmosphere and the staff are well trained in first aid. My daughter is now a young leader. Rachel takes her time to make everyone feel welcome. All the young leaders and coaches have patience & there's such a lovely atmosphere. We have also had a party herem, which the kids loved and wore them all out. Keep up the hard work

Fiona Wolf
A wonderful club that facilitates every ability, whatever your aim, Rachel will get the most out of you. I have 3 daughters who all attend, they have quickly progressed, which has grown their confidence, agility and all round fitness. They enjoy themselves immensely and always want to attend. A super club

Sarah Hammond
My daughter has been, very good instructors

Sharon Dyer
My daughter enjoys the trampolining and Rachel is a good coach and very patient and encouraging. Everyone gets to use the different trampolines and has one-to-one coaching per session, with lots of practice time and some rest breaks. Each session is an hour & 10 mins. It can be very busy and noisy at times but overall it's good value for money & kids all seem to enjoy it.

Kelly Marie
Fantastic! Love attending each week! My son has award 2 after 3 weeks! Well done all!

Craig Davenport
Was great fun and a great way to get in shape. Can't wait for the next session

Helen Clayton
Had awesome fun with Rachel and Tumbling Trampoliners today!! Kids loved it, parents loved it... everyone happy!! Thank you so much, we'll definitely be back for more!!

Kelly Luton
A fantastic place for children and their parents to have fun together, get fit and learn something new! the staff are really approachable and make it easy for newcomers.

Ian Reid
Fantastic place for kids and adults to learn new skills and keep fit. Rachel has a really engaging teaching style and this gets the best out of my daughter who always has a massive smile on her face when trampolining and being coached by Rachel. Everyone gets at least one 1-2-1 coaching session with Rachel and her young leaders also help with coaching. A really welcoming environment and great value for money.

Lenka Leskovjanska
Fun & safe place, where you can be yourself

Rachel Smith
My daughter loves it, it's so fab! I love seeing her ability growing. I think the coaching is great, you should be so proud of what you are doing. Rachel is so natural with kids, it's lovely to watch. She's an inspiration. Honestly, as a Mum I have never been to any sort of activity that matches this club. We love the club and the whole culture. I've never seen so many enthusiastic happy people!

Nerys Challinor
Really superb place. Staff are friendly and so brilliant at encouraging my girls. It's fun as an adult too!

Sammi Roberts
Fantastic place for my granddaughter as she loves it here. Rachel is so professional, passionate and cares about her students. The classes are just over one hour and kids have slots in which they are coached by Rachel and her mini coaches, who are also amazing. Brilliant place and great staff and volunteers

Katrina Poole
Been here with my son who has disabilities and he absolutely loved it! Consideration was taken into account knowing this fact. Looked more into the club and found that the more experienced trampoliners get to help out and earn higher grades with the guidance of Rachel. I also have twins who absolutely love the place !

Linda Gillan
Great relaxed atmosphere, with dedicated coaches who teach with passion and ensure that they get the best out of each individual. My daugther performed her first solo back flip this week, 11 weeks after joining. She has progressed so quickly, I'd highly recommend. Amazing results. It’s giving her confidence and me reassurance that she’s not going to hurt herself.

Allison Taylor
My twins love coming here and the coaches are outstanding. Supportive, encouraging but most of all friendly. Seating area for parents with refreshments. Can’t recommend it enough

Annabel Stapleton
My two girls loved the session today! Thank you!

Alan Bennett
My grandson absolutely loves Tumbling Trampolines and goes as often as he can. The coaching is top notch. Rachel his trainer is very patient and encouraging. Would recommend to anyone with limited budget to give them a try, as their services are very affordable. My grandson can’t wait to get back when he's not there, he misses his sessions & all his friends from the club. Great place, good location, fantastic teachers

Paul Butcher
Great place to take the kids to let off some steam and wear themselves out, my son loves it as you get tips and lessons on what to do

Sarah Hirst
My daughter loves this club. The tuition is exceptional and she has such fun here. I would highly recommend it

Francesca May
Highly recommend this place. My eldest attended earlier in the week with friends for the first time and enjoyed it so much she returned today with her younger siblings. What a great time they all had. Really friendly and relaxed atmosphere whilst still being able to provide great quality coaching

Theresa Greene
Rachel is brilliant with our children. She is so encouraging and tailors their coaching to their needs. They are enjoying their sessions at Tumbling Trampoliners and have been made to feel so welcome.

Joanne Cotterill
We tried the free taster sessions 2 months ago and have been back every week since. The kids enjoy it so much they wish every day was a trampolining day. Rachel is a brilliant coach, it's a really friendly and relaxed place to be.

Craig Thropper
What a gem of a place, so friendly and encouraging to all who walk through the door. Give them a call and you will love it, all ages and experience levels. 10 minutes of this is an hour in a gym without even knowing it.