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Our Club

Our Club

What do we do?

Each trampoliner will receive personalised, one-to-one coaching. You will also have time on trampolines without coaches, to practice the skills you have learnt & do the moves that you enjoy. From complete beginners to ones who only have experience on a garden trampoline, from ones with serious disabilities to advanced bouncers – our qualified & experienced coaches will take you from whatever ability level you are currently at & progress your skills to rotate, flip, twist, somersault & land safely.

We work on the nationally recognised award structure for trampolining, starting with simple basic shapes in the air & body landings, progressing to twisting & linking various landings, moving on to forwards & backwards somersaulting moves. As you progress, you will be able to perform sequences of tricks called routines. Whatever level you are at – there are always more twists, somersaults & combinations which can be added to your skills.

We are a non-competitive club, so you can learn new skills & tricks in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere – without the stress of an upcoming competition or the worry of upcoming grading exams.

Our trampolining club - what we do

Who can bounce?

Children can start from 3 years old & there is no upper age limit, our eldest is 82. Toddlers are welcome into the club & seating area, but unfortunatley aren't allowed to bounce until they are 3. Many adults train alongside children & teenagers at our club (so feel free to come & have a bounce too Mums & Dads!). Our sessions are all mixed age, gender & ability level. We find having a mix of ages & ability levels works well, so families can train together & our more advanced bouncers can help beginners.

Disabilities are welcome! Our coaches are trained & have years of experience working with a range of disabilities. Our coaches have taken extra courses to be better equipped to understand & work with a range of physical, behavioural, mental, learning & social disabilities & disorders. In the past 14 years we have coached severely autistic ones, people with asperger's syndrome, ADHD, dyspraxia, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, ones recovering after a stroke, speech & understanding problems, a girl with one hand, cerebral palsy, people recovering from various operations, ataxia, ones with behavioural issues, social anxieties, depression, ones with Special Educational Needs and a range of other disabilities. Depending on the disability & level of support needed, you can join in with the regular weekly sessions or have one-to-one sessions or specific rebound therapy at a time which suits you. We work with disability schools too & run private sessions for these ones. Contact us if you would like to organise a separate sessions for your group, need us to tailor any of our sessions to a specific disability, have any questions about whether you can bounce or want any more information.
Our trampolining club - who can bounce

Why trampoline?

Trampolining is a great way to stay active - whilst keeping fit, having fun, developing flexibility, practicing hand-eye co-ordination & learning exciting, interesting new skills & tricks. Trampolining strengthens core & leg muscles, increases cardio-vascular fitness & stamina. It fits nicely with other sports such as parkour, free-running, gymnastics, dance, DMT & tumbling. Trampolining is therapeutic, enjoyable & relaxing. Also our club environment is a lovely place to make friends, learn to communicate effectively, praise, help & guide others. Although trampolining is an individual sport, we work as a team. We have a seating area for parents, friends & family, where you can play games, have a cuppa, catch up with other parents or if you're feeling productive bring your laptop & get some work done whilst the kids are happily bouncing away.
Our trampolining club - Why trampolining?

How do I get involved?

You can also try our club out first in a taster session. Places are limited to 12 participants per class. Please book your space before arrival.
Our trampolining club - How to get involved

Any more questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions
If you would like any more information at all feel free to contact us.
Our trampolining club - Why trampolining?