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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come for taster sessions?

Yes! Come along to try the club out, you get 2 free sessions before you need to join. If you enjoy it, you're welcome back. If it's not your cup of tea, there's no commitment.

Can I pay-per-time?

Yes. It's £7.50 on the day.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. Classes are cheaper when block booking.

Do I need to book?

Yes please, book online or send an email, text or Facebook message. We need to know numbers, so we can ensure everyone gets lots of trampolining time.

Is there a waiting list?

No, but some classes are already full. Check the online booking system or contact us to find out which sessions have availability.

Do you take beginners?

Absolutely. No previous experience is necessary at all.

I'm an advanced trampoliner, can you still teach me?

Of course. Our coaches are qualified & have decades of experience in coaching higher levels.

I'm over 18, can I come?

Yes! We have many adults already training with the club (uni students, Mums & Dads, big brothers & sisters etc). You are all very welcome!

I have a disability. Can I still bounce?

As long as you can get onto a trampoline, you can train with us. Unfortunately, we don't have a hoist to get ones who can't move themselves onto the trampoline. Our coaches have many years of disability coaching experience & have taken extra courses to ensure Tumbling Trampoliners can accommodate as many disabilities as possible. We offer one-to-one disability sessions too. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Can anyone book private tuition?

Yes, 30 minutes with a qualified coach is £25 & an hour is £40. Up to 4 people can come to a private tuition booking & this can be arranged at a day & time which suits you.

How does a normal session run?

Each session is 60 minutes long, with a 15 minute hand over between sessions. Coaches & young leaders are stationed on certain trampolines. You will be rotate through all the trampolines & work with all of our coaches & young leaders. Some trampolines have no coaches on, so on these you can practice certain skills alone, or just have fun doing what you enjoy!

There's only 5 safe ways to land on a trampoline (feet, seat, hands & knees, front & back). Once you have learned these basics, trampolining is all about rotating (sommersaulting) and / or twisting from one position to another. Trampolining has 15 nationally recognised skill levels. We use a mixture of core skills, drills (repetitions), routines (sequences of moves) & move combinations to make you the best trampoliner you can be!

What should I wear?

Sports clothes & socks.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course. Anyone wishing to can trampoline with you, or watch the training sessions. Babies & toddlers are welcome too.

Do you have parking?

Yes. There is plenty of free car parking outside the unit.

What are trampoline parties like?

Usually noisy, fairly chaotic & lots of fun. We will coach you some trampolining skills, then play trampolining games with the group. You will have all the trampolines & at least one coach for just your party. We give each child a free goodie bag, drink & sweets. You can bring your own cold food, buffet & cakes & we have a seating area & tables to eat at. We only have a microwave but you're welcome to reheat food here if you like. Alternatively, we're close to Stoke & Longton – so there are other places to eat nearby.

Is trampolining safe?

Although trampolining can be a high risk sport, we make it as safe as possible. There are mats everywhere & trampolines are placed so it is difficult to fall off. Our coaches will progress you safely & at your own pace. You will never be forced to do something which you don't feel ready for, or which is out of your comfort zone. Before learning new skills, our coaches will ensure you understand the progression, have effectively completed the necessary prerequisites, have good aerial awareness & control of the bounce. When first attempting new skills, you will have mats in already or thrown in for the landing. When learning somersaulting for the first time we will make sure a qualified coach is supporting you & keeping you safe. We rarely have injuries, as we keep one person on each trampoline at a time & encourage everyone to train within their own safe limits.

I'm scared of heights, can I trampoline?

Yes. You can bounce as high as you want. With the other trampolines around you, it doesn't feel so high. But if you try it & don't like it – you don't have to carry on.

Do you do competitions?

No. We are a recreational club and don't run competitions. You can learn new skills & tricks in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere – without any judging, marking or comparing you to anyone else. Enjoy training without the stress of upcoming competitions or the worry of grading exams.

How old do kids have to be before they can start?

3 years old.

Do you have a safeguarding policy?

Yes. We take the welfare of children very seriously. Our coaches are DBS checked, have been on safeguarding courses & all have no prior records of being involved with any cases of abuse or neglect. We have a policy in place to keep every child safe. The club operates in an open environment, where parents, friends & relatives are welcome to watch. No-one is ever alone with a child. If you have any concerns about child safety, please contact one of our designated welfare officers immediately. They are Rachel Tonge (07783580354) & Katie Pusey (07506151540).

I have a health issue / previous injury, can I trampoline?

Each case is different. If your injury is fully healed, or your health condition isn't exacerbated to an unsafe level by bouncing – you're very welcome to the club. We have had ones with asthma, epilepsy, allergies, previous surgeries, past broken bones, chronic pain, fibromyalgia & hypermobility bouncing the club. Trampolining is a good way to get fit, develop muscle strength & increase cardiovascular capacity. However, if you are still injured, experience pain when doing day-to-day activities or your health is likely to get worse from trampolining, we'd encourage you to wait until you have made a full recovery, or reconsider trampolining. It is a high impact sport & could make certain conditions worse. Feel free to contact us with your specific concerns & we'll try our best to accommodate you.

Can I get a recognised qualification?

Yes. The award structure we use is based on the British Gymnastics award structure. This is nationally recognised, so if you move, other trampolining clubs can carry on coaching you from that level. You can get certificates, medals & badges to show what trampolining levels you have passed.

I'm interested in coaching, how do I get involved?

We'd love to have you in our club. Contact us & come along to any of our sessions. We regularly train people up to become qualified coaches & appreciate as much help as we can get!

Any other questions?

We'll answer any queries you have. Just contact us.